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Analysis of the future development of low-voltage electrical products
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1. product structure adjustment.

With the integration of the global economy, part of the international company is very optimistic about China's low-voltage electrical appliances market, coupled with factors of relatively cheap labor and the like, many well-known low-voltage electrical companies are forming strategic expansion to the Chinese mainland, in our country's low-voltage electrical industry with to pressure also brings a lot of opportunities. Throughout the industry, with a product or feature products of independent intellectual property rights of small, technology and production equipment and conditions are relatively backward, most companies only in maintaining product homogeneity, repeating the same level of production, thus a direct result of a fierce price war, even vicious competition.

In addition, the industry in the production of many products can not meet government environmental requirements. Therefore, should actively take effective measures to promote the technical indicators to produce the product reaches all aspects of the requirements. Development of new products, from product design must consider the choice of materials, manufacturing processes in line with European targets, so that our low voltage electrical products can really develop into a "green, green, low-carbon" electrical products. Now a relatively high or low voltage products to foreign brands, such as Schneider, ABB, etc. So the engine-dimensional electric suggested that the state could introduce some policies to encourage domestic enterprises, high-tech independent research, and actively develop high-end products and can hold intellectual property rights, distinctive, level, there is a market of new products. And now form a large number of foreign brands to compete effectively in order to increase domestic low-voltage high-end enterprise market share.

2. industry restructuring.

At present, the production of low-voltage electrical industry, there are thousands of companies, but on average, sales of each company is not on the thirty million. Therefore, the current status of Chinese enterprises in this industry is not satisfactory. Experts believe that at the current technical conditions and production levels, "Twelve Five" period, China's low-voltage electrical manufacturing industry should be maintained at around 35 100 medium and large businesses are more reasonable. Therefore, each firm first reasonable position to deal with its own conditions and set appropriate targets. Reality strong force large enterprises should try to develop into a power supporting integrated company; good strength and better conditions of enterprises should improve their main product development and rich model specifications, works kind of relatively complete low-voltage electrical specialized enterprises ; there is a certain expertise in production, small businesses can develop into a variety of highly targeted specialized production of low-voltage electrical power accessories and ancillary businesses or other specialized production enterprises; while most SMEs should consider restructuring and asset restructuring.

Meanwhile, also on a certain level of technology for technological transformation Again, this is the main indicator of business development potential. The main focus should be on companies supporting production equipment, assembly technology, detection technology, and automatic assembly line, and so on. Now on the market of small factories, small workshops and other production enterprises large, engine-dimensional electric suggested that government departments to develop certain measures to accelerate the industry's survival of the fittest, the establishment of certain criteria, such as the elimination of family workshops, mushroom rooms and other small, micro enterprises, in order to ensure quality of low-voltage electrical products.

3 Pour government policy support.

At present, the majority of low-voltage electrical manufacturing industry is still small and medium enterprises, in order to enable SMEs to further develop and grow, increase production capacity, production levels, technology innovation, product quality, speed up technological innovation. Engine-dimensional electrical recommended that national SME policy in improving the legal system to address the financing of SMEs, to broaden the financing channels for SMEs credit guarantee system, increase financial resources to support efforts to be relaxed for SMEs taxes, promote government procurement support units have SME-related institutional quality, and strengthen protection for SMEs, thus expediting the SME technological progress, structural adjustment and support for such enterprises to develop new markets. So that part of the ability of small and medium enterprises can be sustained and healthy development, thus promoting China's low-voltage electrical industry to achieve rapid growth purposes.

4 increase investment in research and accelerate the advancement of low-voltage electrical industry manufacturing standards.

China's domestic enterprises and foreign manufacturers also play on the level of the gap is very large, "Twelve Five" period, China's low-voltage electrical products from the previous focus on the pursuit of high yields gradually tend to pursue high-quality, product reliability, appearance and so on. At the same time, increase R & D investment, including equipment, design, materials, processes, etc., to reduce the gap with foreign enterprises, which need to improve our manufacturing processes and manufacturing equipment. Therefore, the Qing government to speed up the development proposal dimensional electric speed low-voltage electrical production equipment, testing equipment and automatic online detection technology, increase the technological transformation of low-voltage electrical industry, while promoting technical exchanges with foreign counterparts. Thereby enhancing our low-voltage electrical products quality, reliability and appearance.

5. accelerate product upgrading and new product development.

We recommend that a new generation of high-performance intelligent distribution system circuit breaker, intelligent energy-saving AC contactors, molded case circuit breaker high breaking intelligent, selective protection of household circuit breakers, automatic transfer switches, integral intelligent control and protection of electrical, doubly-fed wind power converter key technologies, SPD, end-user devices, such as smart grid technology included in the "Twelfth Five-Year plan". Resulting in strong government support, so that our low-voltage industry-leading technology with international standards as soon as possible. Especially Japan, to drive them out of our territory, if possible, it is best to occupation of the Japanese market, because low-voltage electrical appliances are widely used in various industries, such as energy occupied the Japanese market, that Japan will be our restraint, and even suppressed forever .

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