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Future development trend analysis of high-voltage electrical industry
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As technology proceeds further, the use of a high-voltage electrical appliances, using a new principle, new technology, new media, is preparing a new generation of high-voltage electrical appliances, and its development trends are as follows:

1 combination, sets into satisfy small size, small footprint, high performance, high reliability needs, the emergence of a variety of combinations of electronics and electrical equipment. In addition to the switch cabinet, FC cabinet, multilayer outside the cabinet, emerged load switch - fuse combination, high-voltage contactors - fuse combination, load switches, fuses and fall arrester combination, as well as arrester, isolating switches, voltage and current various combinations of transformers, etc., and has grown to a combination of advanced types of complete sets of equipment.

2 high-capacity, high-parameter due to the rapid growth of modern life with the power, industrial and agricultural consumption increase, high-voltage power grid to form a large-capacity, high-voltage electrical capacity requirements and various parameters rapidly. Currently the main transmission and distribution equipment rated current up to 2500A to 1000A has been 4000A, by 16 ~ 20kA short-circuit current up to 31.5 ~ 50kA, or even higher. 550kV single-pole circuit breaker to reduce the number of fracture by 4 to 2, is stepping up development of a single fracture. If our main transmission and distribution voltage can not quickly improve, then our high voltage electrical power grid for large-capacity, high-parameter requirements trend will not cool.

3 mechatronics due to a computer, sensor technology and automation to improve the power grid, the demand for high-voltage electrical intelligent functions more urgent. Strong weak electrical equipment and advanced technology combined with significantly extended high-voltage electrical features for network automation, remote technology, online testing to provide better conditions. Bulky, heavy weight, features a single traditional electromagnetic protection devices, electrical instruments, control devices for multi-function computer, replaced the sensor.

4 small, maintenance-free product with extensive use of high-voltage electrical products such as SF6 and vacuum interrupter excellent dielectric and media, as well as the establishment of the implementation of the production process on the basis of advanced high-tech, product maintenance period can be extended to 10 years, or even product life-long maintenance overhaul. And as electronics, information technology, online testing technology to practical use, conditional use sectors to achieve the status of maintenance by troubleshooting the conversion.

5 election phase points, closing the circuit breaker with high voltage, high-capacity network development, system high closing over-voltage and high short-circuit current of the power system security and reliability are unfavorable. No-load phase selection circuit breaker closing line, the rapid development of technology in the electronic control of today possible. No-load line can be selected phase closing minimally closing over-voltage limit, which for UHV grid reduce the insulation level, to improve the technical and economic level is very important. The large short-circuit breaking current (and especially larger than 50kA asymmetrical current situation) on the high-voltage circuit breaker heavier burden, if they can automatically select the favorable phase (ie, short arcing time and less than half-wave) breaking can improve the high-voltage circuit breaker capacity, improve power system security and reliability. Therefore, the use of advanced electronic control technology to achieve high-voltage circuit breaker phase selection points, closing, is one of the high-voltage circuit breakers development.

6 oil-free switching equipment in high voltage electrical industry, oil as an insulating and arc extinguishing medium media applications, have been a hundred years of history, are still transformers, switch the large number of applications. But the oil medium is a flammable, explosive substances, and run maintenance inconvenient. With the rise in electrical switch in SF6 and vacuum switches, switch oil use declining (oil switch is no longer used in 363kV and above). You can say "oil-free" is a trend of electrical switches, but also an important equipment policy.

Professional integration trend of the twentieth century, 50 to 70 years, various professional power transmission equipment, such as transformers, switches, surge arresters, transformers various professional fields and measuring secondary control and protection systems, etc., the professional division of labor clear, clear boundaries, each disturbance. Now with GIS, C-GIS, mechatronics and prefabricated substation switchgear appears already to the professional power transmission equipment, electric and electronic professional blend together tightly, it is difficult to separate.

Therefore, high-voltage electrical professional to adapt not only their own professional development trend of integration, mutual penetration, broke professional barriers, but should also work with electronic technology, computer, secondary system of mutual penetration and integration. In short, the development trend of several high-voltage electrical appliances listed above, we should have a clear understanding, especially in the high-voltage electrical utilities manufacturers should adapt to market trends, re-adjust the professional configuration to moderate development of technical reserves of products, to meet the new the arrival of high-voltage electrical generation.

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