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2014 smart grid industry chain continues to heat up the market promising low-voltage distribution cabinet
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By the end of 2013 so far, from the central policy to local policies, from comprehensive policies and subdivision policies are constantly strengthening and refinement, the full support of energy to accelerate the restructuring of the core to establish a core carrier electric energy development, including new energy generation technology (photovoltaic, wind power, etc.), across the entire power / electrical energy saving smart grid development of new technologies, such as reduction of new technologies. Frequent policy support, drive continues to heat up new energy, smart grid and other industrial chain heat, and low voltage distribution cabinet also will benefit from the market.

February 12, 2014, Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, the meeting in order to "study and plan to further strengthen the haze and other air pollution," the main line, focus on restructuring to speed up energy (new energy), the implementation of cross-transmission projects, improve purchasing subsidies for new energy vehicles, energy saving support content core technology research and development and other related industries.

February 12, 2014, Beijing introduced the "Beijing demonstration and application of new energy passenger car manufacturing companies and product audit record management rules," the focus of proposed subsidy models for pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, apply for new energy enterprises strict qualification requirements, clear exit mechanism content of the new energy vehicles.

February 12, 2014, the National Energy Board website officially announced the "issued in 2014 on the scale of new construction notified State annual energy new energy photovoltaic [2014] No. 33," the record size of the new plan in 2014 totaled 14GW, which distributed 8GW, photovoltaic power plants 6GW; regional provinces in late 2013 and the first half of 2014 have introduced local subsidies, solar subsidies included subsidies for state subsidies and local (provincial and municipal subsidies and subsidies), the subsidy is determined to improve power plant actual profitability, promote the development of photovoltaic power plants. Now Shanghai will also be issued a local subsidies, subsidies for individuals and then 0.4 yuan / kWh and enterprise 0.25 yuan / kwh subsidy period of five years.

"2013-2017 Chinese low-voltage distribution cabinet industry development prospects and investment analysis report predicted," analysts believe that from a technical point of view the development of comprehensive support to accelerate the restructuring of the energy, the core must establish a core carrier electric energy development, including new energy technologies (solar, wind, etc.), smart grid technology, power and electrification of new technologies across the entire power / electrical energy development of new energy saving technologies, the end of 2013 so far to support frequent policy will bring new energy , continues to heat up the smart grid industry chain heat, and low voltage distribution cabinet optimistic about the market.

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