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Longsun Investment Company chairman Xuxia Zheng attending the Third World Conference and the International Chamber of Commer
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WASHINGTON May 14, 2014 the third World Business Leaders (Kunshan) Conference and the Second International Chamber of Commerce CEO Asia-Pacific summit in Kunshan. Chinese president Jiang Zengwei CCPIT Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, Fu Ziying, Assistant Minister of Commerce Chi Tong Road, International Chamber of Commerce Main Xihalade - Terry - McGraw, International Chamber of Commerce Asia Pacific CEO Summit Main Hu - Moody, Ambassador of Mexico Julian - the Tula speech at the opening ceremony.

     Third World Business Leaders (Kunshan) Conference and the Second International Chamber of Commerce Asia Pacific CEO Summit is a blend of global business leaders thought feast. This conference theme of "Asia-Pacific region in the global economic governance role of" around "in the Asia-Pacific region's role in global governance, the development of the financial system in Asia-Pacific and China business opportunities" and other three issues were discussed and analysis. World Business Leaders Conference by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), China International Chamber of Commerce and the International Chamber of Commerce co-hosted the Asia-Pacific Advisory Group, aims to provide a platform for high-end international exchange and cooperation of domestic and foreign business community to discuss the latest developments in world trade and investment situation and challenges and promote global business community to work closely and share important opportunities in the world economy. Greek investment company chairman Cheng Yuk summer were invited to attend the General Assembly.

      Mr. Xuxia Zheng said that the conference will provide Chinese business people to grasp the latest trends in trade, to learn from the success of well-known entrepreneurs, international strategy to broaden horizons, to enhance the management capacity to provide a valuable learning opportunity. The summit invited the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Trade Negotiations Committee WTO Victor • Multi Prado (Victor do Prado), IMF chief representative in China Rui de (AlfredSchipke), ICC Secretary General Jean - Cover • Card Maurier (Jean-Guy Carrier), etc. More than 300 Fortune 500 business leaders attended.
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